• Dominic Franck

    Dominic Franck

    Value Investor, Asset Manager and Analyst, Entrepreneur, proud dad and husband.

  • Nurlan Zhumakanov

    Nurlan Zhumakanov

  • Alex


    Knock knock jokes aren't that funny if you just reply come in

  • Campfire


    Digitale Kreativagentur für Strategie, Kommunikation, Marketing und Digital Storytelling im Bereich Websites, Shops und Kampagnen. https://campfire.ch

  • Roger Basler

    Roger Basler

    Roger Basler is an entrepreneur,a convinced economist,global traveler and language collector,boy scout and web scout,music lover & jazz fan, residing in Zurich.

  • BRO app

    BRO app

    Best reunion organizator. coming soon - iOS/Android and web application

  • Dani Muther

    Dani Muther

    Work: User Experience, User Centered Design, Usability, Human Computer Interaction @migros Life: Daddy, Biker, Surfer, Snowboarder

  • Christoph Hess

    Christoph Hess

    Keeping an eye and an ear on #SocialMedia, #MarTech and #Taiwan. Auch auf Deutsch. 我学中文. www.christophhess.ch

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